1 word improved my everyday life

The word that I am referring to is..


How did I find this word and came to this conclusion? Well it began like this.

For the past few weeks, I have been working on creating the content for my course. So it has been hours and hours of writing and editing.

Time was also spent on creating videos and coming up with ideas on what should be included for my course. I also had to figure out how to market a course and which is the best online service that provides this! (There are really a lot of stuff and I am still trying to figure it out)

I was never really good at estimates and I gave myself a deadline where to say it was tight is an understatement. I would have met my deadline only if I knew exactly what needed to be done and what software or programs would be able to do it.

As each day passes and even though I was making progress, the progress didn’t felt like it was fast enough for my expectations. It felt like this wasn’t working.


Savings not growing fast enough for you?

My guess is that this is similar to how you might start saving towards a huge goal and end up giving up halfway. Maybe the goal was to pay off your student loans or mortgage. Perhaps it was to save towards your retirement or your emergency fund.

Now these are all achievable goals as long as you come up with a plan and be consistent with the amount you save every month.

However when you take it day by day and month by month, it can feel demoralising when you look at how far you still have to go to reach your goals. It feels impossible. Especially in our current age when we are so used to having what we want and having it right now.

The current trend of instant gratification has made us impatient and not used to trusting the process(for any 76ers fans).



The moment I decided to take a step back, I saw that the problem was not what I was doing, but what my expectations were.

“It takes time to see results”

This is true for everything that you do, there is literally no way that you can shortcut the process. Even if you were to achieve quick success in a short amount of time, I don’t think that kind of success is sustainable.

Now I look at a few things instead of focusing on why my progress seems to be so slow.


 1.  Setting consistent and positive habits

I know that in order to complete a race, you need to put in the work. Every single day. Now I am just making sure that every day is geared towards creating and maintain good habits that will help me make progress.

The focus is just on making sure the day is  It’s not about how you can give 110% for a few days and but end up just taking the next week off. It’s about putting in a consistent amount of effort everyday and having faith that you are making progress.


 2.  Patience is a virtue

If you set out a goal to save 50k, you need to know that its going to take a long time. It won’t be achieved in a month or two so don’t get demoralized if you see that you still have a long way to go.

Don’t give up halfway and start spending what you’ve saved, because $1 today has a much larger value in the future! Look instead to reach each small milestone along the way and give yourself a small reward for hitting it.


 3.  Believe in the process

Nothing can be achieved if you don’t believe in it. This is true for when you’re trying to save, trying to reach your goals, improving in your studies or career. Pretty much everything you do in life.

What I realized is, don’t look at how far you still have to go but look at how far you’ve come! When you begin to take into account all the progress you’ve made to get to where you are today, you start to see it paying off.


The magic happens when you look back to the start

As each day passes, you don’t see how it all adds up. It doesn’t feel like there any difference and your progress can feel stagnant. However when you look back, you begin to see how all the days add up. I look back to where I was 3 months ago and where I am right now, I finally see how it all make sense.

Each day 3 months ago seems more important and meaningful right now. I finally saw the magic happen. Right now I am proud of all the progress I made and I’m just going to focus on making each day right, because I know it will all add up in the future.


As always thanks for reading and let me in the comments what impossible goal that once seem unobtainable but you managed to achieved it. What was the factor that made you believe in it and continually work hard towards it?

7 Replies to “1 word improved my everyday life”

  1. Are you looking to retire early or are you looking to “level up” your life?

    Is there anyway I can help you? 😀

    1. I guess by “leveling up” my life, I’ll also get to retire early! I am not too sure how that can be done right now. Unless you have an idea?

  2. You’re so right! Blogging and saving money are two activities that require more patience than almost anything else 🙂

    1. Yes, they really do require patience. You can’t rush or force them out!

  3. Haha not sure how much Hinkie’s “process” helped the Sixers! Good thing I’m more of an NFL fan anyway 😉

    1. I guess it’s starting to pay off and the Sixers are much more exciting to watch now! They are winning man!

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