A Little Thing I Learnt About Taking Action

hold-544519_1920Hi guys, I just want to share a bit about one of my recent experience. I was doing an internship at a company, I’m about halfway into this internship and there was still another 2 more months to go.

So about 1 month ago, I found out that my supervisor will be leaving for another job. He has worked at this company for 10 over years and he’s a pretty senior figure around.





Now I did work at a few companies before and I realized I wasn’t very good at saying goodbyes on the last day or expressing my feelings the way I wanted it to be. So there were a few times where I wished I could have expressed myself better, to thank my colleagues for everything they did for me.

So when the day came that my supervisor was leaving, I wanted to make sure that I thanked him properly for all his guidance and patience with me. Now it wasn’t the smoothest of messages and it might have gotten a little bit awkward but I was glad I did it.



time-699965_1920I think one of the issue most of us face is, we like to WAIT for the perfect moment before starting. We feel that there is always a reason stopping us. Like not having enough time, being too busy or just feeling too tired. Sometimes we may even end up waiting until an opportunity passes us and we regret not taking it.


But do you know what? There’s never a perfect time to do something! We just have to GO AHEAD and do it! We’ll be fine and we can learn from the outcome.


What I want to share is, don’t have any regrets in life. Some things in life can’t be changed the moment you missed it. Don’t wait till it’s over or too late before wishing you could have done better.

If you have a dream right now, chase it. If you are working on an idea or a project right now, keep at it. Don’t leave it till tomorrow. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Actions You Can Take

Of course, it is not all doom and gloom if you haven’t started taking actions on your dreams. There is always time to start now and make a difference. I’ve always believed in this quote,

“People overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year”

I believe in order to reach success, you have to be consistent in your work. You can’t work as and when you feel like it, you have to be consistent in the effort you put in everyday. So start now, start with what you have, put in the work. After time, I am sure you will be able to see the results.

So let’s get to work.

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