3 traits of my quirky friend that will help you succeed


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I got a friend who I consider to be a great guy, although he has a pretty unconventional way of thinking. Now I don’t mean this by him being very creative or being able to think out of the box (Although I know he definitely can do this!) But what I mean is, his mind seems to jump to random conclusions while you are just talking to him.

For example, the conversation might go something like this:

T: Hey did you know that Jake just got a girlfriend and got attached recently?

Friend: Oh so you are saying that, this is why he never joined us for the past few weeks, because of his girlfriend?

T: Huh? Wait no, I’m just saying he is attached because I saw a post on his Instagram.


Now I can never understand how his thinking works but he has no ill intentions and he just speaks his mind. So once you’re used to him, it’s fine. He’s a very nice guy and I believe he will succeed and do well in life, not because of his unconventional thinking but because of 3 other traits he posses!



1.  Never afraid to speak his mind

He may have some unconventional and random comments but he is never afraid to speak his mind, even if this might cause people to view him in a weird manner. He is not afraid of what others think of him as he is more interested in making sure he understands the topic and to be able to make the best decision every time.

You may find that as you read more articles about savings ideas or how to prepare for retirement, there are times where you will come across terms or concepts that are new to you and you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarify! Asking questions is a natural part of the learning process and clearing your doubts will help you learn better.

The willingness to ask questions will lead to more possible opportunities. No matter how “stupid” you may perceive the question to be.


2.  Extreme discipline

I remember when we in school, he would stay back after school to study and once he finished studying, he would go for a run. He would do it every single day he was in school, MONDAY TO FRIDAY! On the weekends, he would still be studying and he would study even more!

Me and my friends used to think he was crazy. He’s like a robot in the sense that he can keep doing it and do it consistently. I’m sure he took a couple of days off here and there but for the majority of the time, this was how he studied.

We were both confused and amazed at his ability and even though there were times where we mocked him for how “uptight” he was, the results were very clear in the end. He scored the best among us and beat us all by a mile. His effort paid off.

Discipline is also crucial in getting your finances in order. You have to be disciplined enough to resist the temptation of overspending and stick to the budgeting that you set for yourself. It will not be easy but it is definitely possible as long as you have a sound plan and patience to let it happen!


3.  Will take action

When my friend has an interest in something, he will pursue it, even if he has to do it by himself. He recently took and completed a course on investments and he did the most important thing you can do after you finished a course.

You put what you learnt into practice.

Taking action to put what you’ve learnt into practice is vital to succeeding. If somebody read, listen and learn all the tips and tricks to saving and retirement but that person never applied any of those practices in their life. Then the results they are getting will be similar to someone who has never read or heard about those tips and tricks.

As they say, “the man who does not read has no advantage over the man who can’t read.” Even if you have all the knowledge in the world, taking action is the single most important step to achieving success in your life!


What makes you different, is how you will stand out

We all have different strengths and weaknesses and if you look hard enough, you’ll find that your quirky traits can actually be a very unique strength of yours. I believe we are all talented in our own different ways and what makes you special, will definitely play a part in you finding success.

Saving more starts with our daily habits so check out this post from Kyle at Dollar Diligence on ideas to cut down your spending on meals!

As always, thanks for reading! There are many important steps you have to take on your path to success but here are 3 steps that I feel you can’t miss. Share with me in the comments below on any other important steps you feel that are important to success or early retirement. Or if you have any friends who taught you unique yet effective methods to save more!



11 Replies to “3 traits of my quirky friend that will help you succeed”

  1. I agree that all 3 of those characteristics are key to success! Sounds like your friend will go far! I’m lacking on the discipline front but working hard to stick to a routine at the moment. Another interesting point is where you said people would joke about your friend being uptight, but he stuck at it until his efforts paid off. I think that’s really important too. We have to define our goals and then stick to them – don’t let anyone else tell you what to do!

    1. That is so true! Too often we let people who don’t matter define the person we want to be. People are going to comment no matter what you do, so I say do what you want to and what you feel is best for you!

  2. Discipline is especially hard for people who are not self-motivated. The best antidote for lack of discipline with a savings plan is to put it on automatic, and hope that your internal fortitude grows.

    1. Great advice Mrs G! The lesser decisions you have to made, the lesser temptations you’ll face!

  3. Three great qualities! Sounds like a great friend to have around you that will either motivate/push you and others. Part of the key is surrounding yourself by great people and it sounds like you have done that.

    Personally, I think 3 is the hardest trait to accomplish. Not everyone has the “do” gene and I respect the heck out of all people that do have it.

    Thanks for the great read!


    1. Hey Bert, thanks for the comment! Great point, the “do” part is the key that makes everything tick. It is difficult but you have to “do” in order to have a chance to succeed! Nobody has ever achieved success without taking action.

  4. This is definitely me. A lot of people say that my tough and brutally exterior means I’m rude or inconsiderate. On the contrary, all of my close friends know that I’m a super nice guy! While I’m not the mother Theresa type of help strangers, I’m super loyal to my friends. I’m not afraid to point out things that I don’t like, even if it means being “rude”. Society’s standards are not my standards.

    1. I always appreciate friends like you Troy! Sometimes you want the truth and you don’t want people to sugarcoat it for you. Only friends who know you well and have your best interests at heart can help you with that. And I welcome the feedback because it’s constructive criticism!

      1. Agreed. I real friend wouldn’t think twice about pointing out what you’re doing wrong, even if it means risking your friendship.
        It’s the unimportant friends who will keep quiet, avoid potential unhappiness and let you make mistakes.

  5. These are great points! More than anything, I really think discipline and being able to stick to a plan is the most important thing. It’s the same with investing in that it’s about consistency. I also really agree on taking action. Our differences really is what makes us individually great. That’s why every where I work, or even with the way I like to blog, I work my own way. Eventually they see that I’m working hard and I’m doing things in a unique but valuable way. Thanks for sharing this post! 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time to drop by Graham! Our differences definitely make us individually great and we should definitely embrace it! Keep bringing that consistent effort every single day!

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