My stroll in the forest that was not completed

My stroll in the forest that was not completed


Today I did something I have not done for a long time, I went for a “hike”  with my friends, although you could call it a trek through the forest. (Not too many mountains or even hills over here) The hike didn’t turn out as well as planned because halfway through, our route was close due to some unforeseen construction. We had to cut it short and ended up taking the bus to our destination in the end, hey it’s the thought that counts right?



Photo when we got to a clearing

I noticed during the hike that I felt very at peace. I was enjoying the tranquillity of the forest, the vibrant and lush greenery, the sounds from the leaves and gravel beneath our foots as we step on them.

Being surrounded by greenery and not having any distractions or electronic device nearby, it was a very soothing feeling. Sure we had our phones, but nobody took them out to use.




I think a large reason why I felt this way was because I was spending too much time thinking about “work”.

Work which refers to any tasks that have not been completed. For example, my course that is still in the works, possible further improvements to the website, goals for 2017 that I have not planned yet or any other stuff that’s on my mind. It was really a refreshing change to not have to stare at an electronic screen or monitor. In the forest, all I needed to make sure was to watch my step and enjoy the process.


Find time to recharge

It’s so important to find time to distress and recharge your batteries before going on to the next task. If you find that your mind is always thinking of things that needs to be done or worrying about that incomplete project you left at work, slow down and take a break!

Sometimes over thinking and thinking too much is not going to provide you with a solution. Our brains need a break. I find that the moment you are at a point where you realize that you don’t even have the time to relax, that is the exact moment where you have to find time to relax.

While we might all be so busy stressing over how to be more productive and efficient until we find that we have no time to relax, taking some time out to do an activity you enjoy might actually be the key to helping you perform better.

I am definitely going to find more time and opportunities to connect with nature in the future. I believe my mind and body will definitely thank me in the future!



What activity do you do to recharge yourself? How often do you find yourself doing it? As always, thanks for reading!



6 Replies to “My stroll in the forest that was not completed”

  1. I think I have to start thinking of more ways to recharge myself!

    1. Yes, I am sure we can all use some new ways to recharge ourselves!

  2. Being in nature is one of my favorite ways to come back to being centered too! When the weather is too gross to make it out, I also like reading authors that reference nature a lot – like Mary Oliver. I’m so glad you found some peace!

    1. Thanks so much Melanie! That’s a great way to be centered as well, I’ll give it a shot!

  3. I agree, being in nature is definitely very good for the soul. It’s so easy to get stuck in that vicious cycle of feeling too busy to relax, at the exact time when your body needs it most! I find running is a really good way to de-stress, once you get into the rhythm. It really helps to get things out of your system when you feel wound up. Bonus points if you can combine it with experiencing nature as well!

    1. Definitely! Running in nature is amazing and I only wish I have more such running routes near me!

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