Feeling down? Get out of your slump and start shining!

What’s up guys? I hope everyone has been having a better week compared to me! For the past week I was in a bit of a slump and wasn’t really motivated to do anything. It was pretty bad but luckily I managed to beat it and got out to continue my journey towards my goals.


It was like any other slump, you lose motivation, you procrastinate, you lose your focus and you start to feel bad and think negatively. The cycle repeats until you are finally able to breakout of it. If you find yourself in such a situation right now, I want you to know this. Don’t blame yourself.


brokenarmDon’t be too harsh on yourself. I know we are always very critical of ourselves, especially more so when we demand a lot from ourselves. In life there are ups and downs, it is normal to have moments where things are not going as planned, work starts to pile up and all the problems seem to rain down on you at the same time.

Just remember that we can only control our own actions. There are so many events happening out there and we can’t influence them. The only thing we can control is our own response to them. Here are my methods for breaking out of slumps.


  • Forward not behind

unknown-1769656_1280Often when I am in a slump, I tend to focus on opportunities that past me or mistakes that I’ve made. I’ll keep thinking about how I could have, should have and would have done something differently. This kind of thinking leads me to waste the current opportunities that I have because I am too busy thinking about my past.

Lesson: The truth is, nobody can change what has happened. The only thing I can do is to tell myself to learn from this mistake and look forward to do better and not repeat it again.


  • Surround yourself in the best waygood-vibes-1485623_1280

“Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher.”

This is a quote I am sure many of us have heard before; And its true! What we allow into our lives will play a great part in shaping our thoughts. If we want to get out of the cycle, we can’t keep thinking negatively! We have to surround ourselves with positivity. Negativity will just breed more negativity and it will only prolong the agony.


Lesson: Breathe in positivity! Don’t listen to sad songs when you’re feeling sad! Have a list of groovy and upbeat music that you know will cheer you up. Hang out with positive people, their positivity will rub off on you. Do some chores. At the end of the day when you realized you did something productive, it’ll help your mood.


  • Gratitude

bench-1245994_1920When i am feeling down, showing gratitude is a good way to lift my spirits. Yes of course you’re allowed to be sad, but if you start to count your blessings, I am sure you can find things to be grateful for. I often find myself feeling happier and calmer after I do this.

Lesson: Count your blessings, focus on what you have right now.


We’ve all experienced our own kinds of slumps but it’s important to know that they will pass. When you take action they will pass even faster! What are some of your ways to beat the funk? Let me know in the comments below 🙂



6 Replies to “Feeling down? Get out of your slump and start shining!”

  1. I have that issue when I’m in a slump of looking backwards. It’s not a healthy thing to do. All you can do is look ahead and make what’s ahead the best thing possible. Gratitude is important as well. Nothing can make you feel better than remembering that, if your living in the US or any other developed country, you probably have it pretty good.

    1. Yes! Look forward and not back! Nothing we can do to change the past but the future is up for us to write it.

  2. I get in a slump when it comes to exercise. I have the hardest time staying motivated. I need to do something different because I can not for the life of me stay focused. So I definitely understand being in a slump.

    1. Haha, I understand this! I too had a very difficult problem trying to exercise at the start. It was absolutely crazy. But we just got to keep at it until it becomes a habit. It’s a bit easier for me now, just a bit easier.

  3. Great post T!
    I can definitely relate to being in a slump and have felt like I’m in one lately. I’m in the slump with exercise right now and haven’t had that many creative writing ideas for the blog. The gratitude piece and positive vibes you mentioned are very important! Forcing myself to get something done usually works for me. Once I get that accomplished feeling I want more.

    1. Spot on Graham!

      Action begets action. When we start to take action, we feel better and more motivated because we’re getting things done. The hardest part is always the first step of taking action when you’re in a slump. The moment you fully commit yourself to taking action, you start breaking out of the slump immediately.

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