Gifts & Gratitude during this season

Some time this week I was like everyone else, searching online for what would make a good gift. I saw lots of great ideas on what to get for others but I read an article from RetirementForTwo that really hit home for me on what gift giving should be about. I also got caught up thinking that Christmas is just a few days away(yay!) and oh how quickly this year has flown by.

The idea when getting a gift for others during Christmas is that sometimes we tend to feel that we need to get gifts that impress. If we got a really expensive gift from the someone last year, we feel that we need to get something of at least equal value if not more for them this year.


But honestly I personally feel that the cost of the gift is not important. For people whom we love and care about, the best gift that they can give us is their presence. I look forward more to seeing them than receiving their presents, the presents are just “bonuses”. It’s the moments and memories that really counts for me.

Of course I like to receive gifts too, but I would rather receive a bunch of practical items that I would use everyday compared to an expensive item that costs a lot because of its branding.


Here are some of my suggestion for gifts during this holidays:

  • If they are keen to learn an instrument, speak a language or new skills

Nowadays you can learn the basics of almost anything online, so if you have a friend whom you know was always keen to pick up a new skill or learning to speak a new language, you can always give them a MOOC course! At Udemy there is a wide selection and I am sure you can find something that aligns with their interest! It is an interesting and new way to give gifts!

  • Gifts related to their jobs

If you are stuck on what to give, take a look at their job to get ideas! For example, teachers could use lesson planners, a bunch of different markers or laser pointers(depending on the level they teach). Think about what they normally use or could use to make their job easier.

  • Going to a party with friends

If you are heading to a party and don’t want to bring the usual item of food, chocolate or drinks, try board games. I find that board games are a great idea as everyone will be able to join in and it helps to give another possible activity for the evening. If you find that your host likes to frequently hold gathering, this could be a perfect gift for them as well.


Giving gratitude

I think that it is also a good time to take a moment to reflect during this festive season. To be grateful for everything wonderful that happen during the year and to count our blessing. Use this opportunity during Christmas when meeting your loved ones to let them know how happy and glad you are to have them.

If you are not doing any gift exchange this year, you can consider giving to charities or volunteering! A small action on your part can make a help difference in someone else’s life. I also would like to use this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Xmas!


Let me know in the comments what was the coolest gifts you ever received. Also what are your plans this Christmas? How will you be celebrating?

2 Replies to “Gifts & Gratitude during this season”

  1. I still think the coolest gift was my Nintendo. My parents gave me Nintendo games for Christmas and I was opening them up I thought where is the system. Then I went to my Mom’s grandma and got more games. Finally at my dad’s grandma’s house I finally received the system. It was pure elation and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

    This year we had a low key Christmas with the family but I am opening one of these years to do a vacation with the family down in the Caribbean. It would be a ton of fun just to play in the sand and surf and forgo presents to spend time with our families.

    Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

    1. Wow, that sounds like a really cool way to receive your present! It must have been pure joy at every stop!

      Sand and surf, I like the sound of that:) I had a great Christmas, hope you had a great one too!

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