I Am The Happiest When I Go To Bed Tired!

I Am The Happiest When I Go To Bed Tired!

Yup, you saw it right. I didn’t type it wrongly.

I Am The Happiest When I Go To Bed Tired!


Here’s What I Really Mean

I am happy that I’m tired when I go to bed because this means that I’ve had a productive day! To me it’s a day well spent as I will only feel tired at night after I spend the majority of my day working on my tasks that I set for myself. Completing all of this will also take me one step closer to my goals. Of course this is not that easy to accomplish because sometimes motivation is hard to come by. I know how it feels.


When You Lack Motivation

Do you feel that when you are lacking motivation that the days feel especially long and time passes really slowly? You don’t feel like doing anything and you don’t have any plan for the day. You feel a bit down and uninspired and there is no drive to accomplish anything.

At night you can’t sleep as your mind is very active and you will keep tossing and turning, thinking about a lot of stuff. You might even wish things were better! You might even ask yourself, why am I not where I want to be right now?


Look, It Happens

Life is filled with highs and lows. There are going to be moments where its exciting and fun and moments when its boring and slow.

Both moments are equally important as without boring moments you won’t be able to truly enjoy the fun moments! If you have not gone through tough times, you won’t be able to appreciate the good times!

These moments when you are not inspired are there so that you can look back later on to see how much you’ve grown.

From personal experience the only way I know to beat laziness and find motivation is to TAKE ACTION.


You need to come up with a plan and you have to tackle it one step at a time. It is better to do the hardest thing first. This is normally the one thing that you dread the most and you are least interested in doing. Once you done it though, it will make a huge difference to your motivation and your mood.

As the subsequent tasks are easier and as you manage to accumulate more “small wins”, you will get more and more motivated and really feel good about yourself. Taking the first step is always the hardest part but it gets easier afterwards.

Be prepared for the hard work that you will have to put it but trust me, it is definitely worth it. We all have to start somewhere and we all have to start small. So be positive in life and enjoy your amazing life!


If All Else Fails, Always Remember To Smile!

A very simple tip to make you feel happier is to just smile. Studies have shown that even faking a smile will make you feel better! Smiling can also help to reduce stress, retrain your brain to think more positively and even spread to others! So try to go to bed “tired” but always go to bed happy.


On a separate note, I would like to wish my readers a very happy Chinese New Year, if you are celebrating! Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you have any!

7 Replies to “I Am The Happiest When I Go To Bed Tired!”

  1. Ever since I joined this bootcamp I am sore all the time. Whether or not I had a productive day I always feel tired 🙂 I didn’t know the tip about smiling though. I admit that I don’t smile enough and I am definitely going to try it tomorrow to see how it works!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Haha, thanks! I hope it works out well for you!

  2. I’m a huge believer in “fake it til you make it”. Smiling works! I use this when I run. I know I look like a huge idiot when I’m running with a big smile on my face, but it helps keep your attitude positive and others respond positively.

    1. Haha, I love this! I just went for a run yesterday and there was a moment when I was randomly smiling during the run. It looks pretty weird to others but I found it hilarious and I broke into a big grin after that. Indeed, smiling definitely helps to lift up our moods!

  3. I experience a similar thing, if I don’t utilize the day to its fullest then I didn’t make the most of it. Since each day only happens once in my lifetime wasting days doesn’t make me very happy.

    Great post and reminder to live life to its fullest! Thanks.

    1. “Since each day only happens once in my lifetime wasting days doesn’t make me very happy.”

      Great quote, I love it! Every day only happens once, gotta make the most out of it!

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