It’s Been A Long While & I’m Back



Hello everyone! I’m back.

To start this, I just want to say sorry.

I want to apologise to my readers because I was gone without any notice. For those of you guys who frequent my site and kept up with my updates, I am sure you must have been wondering, “Did something happen? Did he gave up? Why are there no more articles?”

Well, I did not give up. I just decided to lock in and focus my efforts.

If you have been following me for a long while, you might recall me saying, I was going to create a course on investing. Now this has been going on and off, I initially thought I would get it done rather quickly. But because of some hardware issues and my overly optimistic timeline, it took a lot longer than expected.

But now I am finally able to say, it is done. The Udemy course, Technical Analysis Fundamentals: Reading Stock Charts is up and running!


My Thank You Gift

So to thank all my readers and followers, I would like to offer 15 free coupons for my course. All you have to do is follow this LINK and create an account to take the course. Enter “TIRELESS15” at the coupon code if you don’t see the discount. Act fast because this offer is on a first come first served basis, only 15 coupons available!

You can click here if you want to see what this course aims to solve.

If you can, after taking the course please leave a review or some suggestions on what you liked or what you would like to see improved. I would love to hear your feedback.


Now that that’s done, I will be back to writing articles as usual. I can’t wait to get back to connecting with people on the PF & FIRE community!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions you would like to ask about my course or the creation process. Or just leave a comment to say Hi!



6 Replies to “It’s Been A Long While & I’m Back”

  1. Nothing wrong with becoming more focused! The Udemy course looks amazing. Congrats and great job on creating the course!

    1. Thanks! Took me a while but I finally got it done!

  2. I’m prone to “overly optimistic timeline[s]” myself.

    P.S. Welcome back!!

    1. I know, sometimes we can get a little carried away. It’s good to be back Wes, glad you are back as well!

  3. Welcome back and congrats on the course. I did the same recently and took a step back to refocus my efforts. Everyone needs a little time to readjust and think big picture. Come back with more enthusiasm and drive that way.

    1. Hey thanks, I agree. The time away really helped me to focus and decide on what I want to do.

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