Investing Basics 101: The Important 50% People Ignore

What is the other important 50% of investing that is ignored by many investors?

It is how you should approach investing, managing the risks of
investing and controlling the emotions that can arise during investing.

“You can have the best technical ability in the world, but if you can’t manage your emotions and your risk per share, eventually you will lose your money once things go south.”


When you learn about investing, it is easy to find courses that teach you the technical theory of how to analyze stocks, bonds, ETFs or Forex. But many of these courses don’t mention the other important 50% of any profitable investment strategy.

Do you find yourself facing these problems:

  • Initially you are profitable but you quickly lose your profits in a short while
  • When you win, you win a little. But when you lose, you lose a lot
  • You tend to breakeven when you invest, you always have a mixture of winners and losers
  • You feel very unlucky when you invest, it feels like the market is always against you
  • You get very emotionally involved when you invest. You can feel it affecting your judgement

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The above scenarios are faced by many new investors who don’t know how to define their risk and manage their emotions. By taking this course, you will learn how to deal with the common problems mentioned above and many more others such as:

  • When you buy a stock, how many units of the stock should you buy?
  • When should you sell to take a profit or cut a loss? 
  • How much of an effect does emotions have on your investments?


What You Will Learn By Taking This Course

  • How to deal with losses when you invest and accept that losses are a part of investing
  • The difference between a good investor and a bad investor
  • The amount of control that exists between investing and gambling
  • The importance of setting a risk per trade and how this can affect you in the long run
  • What is a good Reward to Risk ratio and how to identify if an investment is worth the risk
  • The right emotional state you should be in when you invest
  • How to manage your anger and how anger can affect your investments

(Most of the content in this course is taught with reference to the buying & selling of stocks, but the concepts can be applied to any financial instruments that undergoes buying and selling on a market)


This course has been broken down into small sections so it is easy for you to absorb all the information. Each video lesson is just a few minutes long so it is easier for you to watch the lesson and you can do it at your own pace. 

This course also only includes the relevant information and not hours of general content so you can focus your learning and only learn the necessary skills needed. 

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