Measure Your Personal Finances With A Checklist

How do you measure up against a checklist?


So you might always be busy saving more of your income and looking for more ways to grow your capital, but have you ever wondered how secured you are financially? If you were to use a personal finance checklist, how well would you score?

Being secure financially is more than just simply saving your take home pay, it’s also making sure that you pay your debts, don’t have any late bills (because of the extra charges) and have an emergency fund that will help you get by in times of need. There are many different kinds of personal finance templates online and this is one that I came up with.

Use this personal finance checklist template to see how secure you are! Add the ticks from the bonus section as well!


  • If you have 0 – 2 ticks: Not bad but let’s take a look at the list and find the easiest thing you can do right now to get another tick!
  • If you have 3 – 4 ticks: Great start! Now you want to try and make sure you are well covered in all areas.
  • If you have 5 – 6 ticks: Awesome! Keep doing what you do!
  • If you have 7 or more ticks: Safe & secured! Early retirement is on your way!




I. Keep track of your monthly expenses: This is important because this allows you to check and make sure your spending is within your budget.

II.  Pay your bills on time: When you pay your bills on time, you don’t incur any late payments and unnecessary fees.

III. Have an emergency fund: Having a fund that can cover 6 month expenses will ensure you are well covered financially in case any unforeseen circumstances happen.

IV. Beating inflation: By growing your money at the same rate as inflation, this means your spending power will not erode. If you grow at a higher pace, the power of compounding will grow your money in the long run.

V. Personal insurance: When you adequate insurance coverage (government, personal or employer) you will not have to worry if any huge medical bill comes your way.

VI. Debts and loans: If you can, start paying off your debts and loans quickly. Debts and loans incur interest rates. Always pay those with the highest interest rates first (Credit card bills)

VII. Multiple sources of income: More sources of income means you are less likely to be affected if one income source stops.

VIII. Frugal lifestyle: When you save more than you spend each month, you will reach Financial Freedom quicker.


As always thanks for reading and let me know in the comments, how many ticks do you have? How do you intend to improve your score? Do you have any suggestions on what could be included in the checklist?


4 thoughts on “Measure Your Personal Finances With A Checklist

  1. Boost My Budget

    Great checklist! I love this idea! I scored 5… and a half… maybe! I did have a 6 month emergency fund but actually had to dip into it recently so it needs building up. It’s no fun using the emergency fund, but SO much better than the alternative and I was so thankful not to have to worry about money when the emergency came up!

    1. T Post author

      Yeah, it’s a lot less off your mind when you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get money when you suddenly need some cash for an emergency. Looks like your emergency fund really came in handy for you!


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