Sales, offers and discounts! Your money is going out of the window!

words-1797662_1280It’s that time of the year again, we are getting sales after sales. Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Everyone is also shopping for Christmas presents and gifts. I was just coming home from work and I pass by a warehouse sale having 70% off! They were selling snacks and wines, so of course I went into to grab some stuff!


You can easily find some kind of sale or “great deals” occurring everyday. Either on the web or somewhere near you. It can be difficult to save with all these temptations and if you find yourself being overwhelmed by it, put your hand up. (*Raises mine)

I think we all need to arm ourselves with the necessary armour in order to get through this daily “bombardment” of spending temptations. Here’s my proposed defenses



  • Understand impulses

Whenever we see a sign saying, 50% off! 70% discounts! We are naturally attracted to take a look. We go in and we see that everything is so cheap!

So we start shopping and grabbing and adding stuff to our cart. “Hey our coffee maker is going to spoil, this is on offer, let’s get a new one!”


We fall into the trap of thinking that since everything is so cheap, why not get it now? Spending a little right now won’t hurt my monthly expenses too much right? But we got to know that this is the natural reaction when there are discounts.

You got to understand that every little bit adds up. So now it brings us to the next point.


  • shopping-cart-1105049_1280Is it needed? (Really?)

When paying for your purchase, there will always be recommended items or products with a huge discount being offered to you. Sometimes I find myself thinking, I could use that in the future so I go ahead and buy it.

Most of the time however, I don’t use it or just end up using it once or twice. That’s not a smart purchase.

So before adding more items to your cart, think hard if you really need it. If you really really need it, ask yourself the next point.



  • bag-147782_1280Where’s your budget?

I know, it’s a sale. Everything is cheap and on offer. We got to take advantage of this opportunity! But first, we still need a budget! Make sure to have a plan how much you intend to spend, make sure to keep to it and make sure to not exceed it!

“Sales come and go every month, but your budget planning must live forever.”



gift-548296_1920The most IMPORTANT point

Since you are reading this, I believe most of us are trying or already doing pretty good in saving and planning for the future. So enjoy your shopping! Let your hair go and don’t worry so much as long as you are sticking to your plan and budget.

Don’t feel guilty about spending on yourself or on your friends and family. I mean, who doesn’t like to buy new stuff for themselves. In fact, give yourself a pat on your back cause you’re following your rules!

Let me know how’s your shopping going so far? What’s the best deal you got this year? As always, thanks for reading! Appreciate it!

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